Caldera Forms / Zoho Integration Plugin Documentation

To use this plugin, you need to have the Caldera Forms core plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website.


The plugin can be installed from the backend of your WordPress website. Click Plugins > Add new and then search for LSX Zoho CRM Addon for Caldera Forms

Click Install Now then click Activate when the installation is complete.

The plugin can also be downloaded from, and installed using the .zip file.

Download the file from here –

In your WordPress Admin dashboard click Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin. Click Choose File, and select the .zip file that you have just downloaded.

Click Install Now. When the installation is complete click Activate Plugin.


Now it’s time to connect your Zoho account to your WordPress site.

You will need to setup a Zoho App on the Zoho website. Log into your Zoho account and follow these instructions for setting up your Zoho App (depending on the region your Zoho CRM is registered in):

  1. Go to if you are using domain, or
  2. Got if you are using the domain

Click Add Client ID

Use these settings from CF Zoho Options page (Settings > CF Zoho)

Hint: copy and paste these settings to the Zoho App settings to avoid mistakes!

Enter the above settings here:

When done click Create.

Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret from the confirmation screen to the CF Zoho API Settings.

Click Save Settings, then click Re-generate Access and Refresh Tokens. You will need to give Zoho access to your website on this screen:


There are two other settings on this page:

  • Flush Transients – If you have added new users or fields to your Zoho CRM, select below to remove cached data. Additionally if the Zoho processor is no longer connecting to your Zoho account, please use this option to reconnect.
  • Enable Debug – This option should be enabled when you need to monitor logs for the requests the processor makes. When enabled a Logs option will appear in the WordPress admin sidebar, see screenshot below.

Click Save Settings when making any changes on this page.


Now you need to map the fields that you have set up on your Zoho account with fields in your Caldera Form.

To do this you need to add a processor to your Caldera Form. From the form edit screen click Processors then Add Processor.

Choose the processor you require from the following options:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Deals

Now choose from the following options:

  • Approval Mode – Documentation on this mode (
  • Workflow Mode – Documentation on this mode (
  • Update Existing Records – choose this option if you do not want Zoho to create to duplicate entries in your CRM. Zoho will look for the email address in the CRM to determine if Record is duplicate

Now you need to map the fields in Zoho to the fields on your form using Magic Tags.

In the above screenshot please note the following highlighted by the red outline:

  • Lead Source – This will reflect on your Zoho database and should describe from where the lead is captured. Use a descriptive name here.
  • Lead Status – You should use appropriate names here, e.g. Not contacted, Already contacted (in case of duplicates), Waiting on reply etc. This will also be displayed on the CRM so should be descriptive.

The Lead Status and Lead Source will be displayed in Zoho:


Finally complete the form on the frontend of you website, and check the entry in the backend to be sure that it is captured to the Zoho CRM. You can do this by clicking Entries under the relevant form name. Then click View.

Click Zoho CRM – Leads to view the ID. If there is no ID then the Lead was not captured to the CRM. Follow troubleshooting advice given above.