The Company

Southern Sky Adventures specialises in organising guided and self-drive tours through Southern and East Africa.

The Challenge

They already had site which was visually and functionally out of date. We were tasked to create a more modern site, allowing them to showcase three core areas of travel: Luxury, School and Specialty. Key to this project was the Wetu Importer, because prior to that the client had only been listing tours on Wetu and had already familiarised himself with the platform. This client is very hands-on and takes his clients on tours himself, so is not often behind his desk, and as such put faith in us to make the majority of design and functionality decisions, letting us make recommendations. The client preferred a more visual layout without a lot of text, preferring to rely on imagery and design, keeping the copy short and sweet.

The Solution

We used our own free LSX theme to build the site, along with just about every one of the paid LSX extensions (with the exception of the Mega Menus extension).

Our free Tour Operator plugin was used to quickly and easily put together the Accommodations, Destinations and Tours pages for the client. We also used several of the paid Tour Operator extensions to bring additional functionality to the site. We used the Search, Maps, Reviews, Special offers, Team and Videos extensions.

One of the main custom development tasks involved in this project was the customisation of the banner on the homepage to have a filterable CTA button wherein the user can select which Travel Style they would like to view tours of.

The design phase of this project involved an extensive range of wireframes and full-scale mockups for the 3 core Travel Experiences as well as the homepage. The other pages on the site used the default LSX and Tour Operator styles.

We also worked extensively on a range of mobile designs for this site which helped us to address unresolved issues with the Tour Operator core, such as collapsible sections on the Tour pages when viewed on mobile – This avoids very tall pages that present an information overload to users on mobile.

We also built an off-canvas filter for searches on mobile using FacetWP for search and filters. Before we addressed the design issue, the search filters displayed at top of page, so user had to scroll past 3 or 4 times to get past the filters to get to the Tour content they were looking for.

We also reworked how the Tour Operator Reviews single posts displayed while working on this project, bringing the meta information for the review more inline with the rest of the content so it looks far more consolidated and intuitive.

Thanks to a thorough design phase and making god use of our LSX Theme and Tour Operator, this site looks great and has rich functionality. We owe a lot to this project, as it was while working on it that we discovered many inadequacies in our software that have since been upgraded to bring them up to our high standard of work.

The Results

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