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Give is a flexible, robust, and simple WordPress plugin for accepting donations directly on your website. When we found that no Give didn’t support any South Africa payment processors we built an integration for the South African payment processor PayFast to be able to accept local donations using Give.

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Product Description

When we found that no GiveWP support existed for PayFast, we built an integration for the South African payment processor PayFast to be able to accept local donations using Give.

Why use PayFast?

PayFast is a payment processing service available to online sellers in South Africa. The WooCommerce Payment Gateway allows local and international credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), instant EFT and certain voucher payments to South African customers. If you want to offer PayFast as a payment method to your customers, you can sign up as an individual, business or registered charity who wants to charge for goods or services online. You don’t need a merchant account with your bank to process payments with PayFast.

Recurring Donations

This GiveWP PayFast payment processor integration allows for recurring donations using this awesome plugin from South Africa. The ability to make use of GiveWP’s Recurring donations addon is a major feature of this Give/PayFast integration – recurring donations can help your business to encourage ongoing, incremental donations rather than pushing for larger once-off donations.

Recurring donations also mean that users don’t  have to keep coming back to your website to make donations, they can set them up one time and let the donations recur without needing to give it another thought, whether the donations happen weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Why Choose GiveWP?

GiveWP is a flexible, robust, and simple WordPress plugin for accepting donations directly on your website. It allows users to keep donors on their website, without any bouncing to a third-party site or platform to complete transactions. The donation plugin works great, directly in WordPress websites that are using WooCommerce.

There are many donations plugins out there for WordPress, so why choose Give? GiveWP has been known to partner with charities and it also provides all sorts of publicity and knowledge-base information for helping non-profits make money and get the word out.

Not only that, but the GiveWP plugin is free and the developers don’t take transaction fees. All of their development money is made through the sales of add-ons, which aren’t needed to enjoy the main functionality of the plugin – the ability to accept donations.

Expand GiveWP

Out the box, GiveWP is a free donation plugin. The features are pretty solid for most businesses, but you may also want to expand to the general add-ons. These add-ons are sold for a price, and the bundled options are rather reasonable.


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