Peach Payments WooCommerce Extension


LightSpeed's Peach Payments WooCommerce payment processor is a payment gateway module allowing for recurring subscription transactions in Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China – regions that other payment gateways don't allow recurring subscriptions in due to local infrastructure restrictions. 

SKU: woocommerce-peach-payments

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Product Description

Peach Payments is a payment processor that focuses on Africa and other emerging markets that issue limitations on the capabilities of other payment processors like PayPal and PayFast. With LightSpeed’s extension for WooCommerce, you are provided with credit or debit card payment services that are secure and fully PCI compliant. Recurring billing is supported, which means setting up and managing subscription type payment models is now possible.

Peach Payments Extension – Key Features:

  • Simple setup and integration
  • Onsite checkout
  • Real-time Fraud Prevention
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly display
  • Single Click and Subscription billing
  • Comprehensive coverage across Africa and many other emerging markets

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