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Our support service ensures that your site will have no down time at all. We’re so sure we can provide the support you need, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of our service we’ll refund you, 100%.


LightSpeed regularly creates 100% secure offsite backups to ensure your data is always kept safe.


We constantly ensure that your site is up-to-date with new versions of WordPress and associated plugins.


Our security systems regularly scan your site to make sure it’s not under attack – or vulnerable to one.

Our Monthly Support Service

White Glove Service

We’ll take it from here.
Our support service ensures that your site is always up and running. We take care of your site’s day-to-day needs, as well as any issues that arise. And with our monitoring systems, we know the moment something happens.

Ready to add something new?

Our team has the expertise to migrate, maintain, design, develop and execute any WordPress project — always to the highest quality & best practices.

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Because you can’t afford to lose your data

Backups are vital. However, most providers’ backups happen only on their own servers. This means that if the server goes belly-up, your backups are gone.
Don’t worry, LightSpeed regularly creates 100% secure offsite backups to ensure your data is always safe.

Our backup service includes:

  • Daily offsite backups, unaffected by your servers
  • Ability to restore your site remotely
  • Access to backups at any time from anywhere

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WordPress is growing quickly

It’s important to constantly ensure that your site is up-to-date with new versions of WordPress and associated plugins.
Our support team ensures that new updates are safely and timeously installed. We test updates in a staging environment, make sure all updates run smoothly, and only then do we push changes to production.

Our service includes:

  • Initial site review, ensuring each site is safe to update
  • Updates to Plugins, Themes and WordPress
  • Testing updates in a staging environment before pushing live
  • Immediate patches for security updates

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And now our watch begins

Not all the threats to your site are immediately visible. We’re constantly vigilant, ensuring your site is safe from harm.
Our security systems regularly scan sites to make sure they’re not under attack – or vulnerable to one. We also provide a security audit service to examine your site for security risks and infections.

We help protect against:

  • Malicious Code
  • Backdoors
  • Malware
  • Other security risks

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Extensive Site Monitoring

Our Service is like having a top of the line security system installed along with a personal bodyguard. We watch over your site 24/7, and our team knows exactly what to look for in the event of an outage. Our monitoring system instantly alerts us if your site ever goes offline.

We go a step further.
Are you getting a lot of traffic? Did you forget to renew your domain? We offer recommendations to help you avoid usage problems and make sure you’re up and running for your website visitors.
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At your service, at Lightspeed

WordPress can be intimidating at first. Finding the right answers to your questions can be as difficult as it is important.
That’s why your advice, training and documentation should come from trusted, experienced professionals. We know how to fix problems and offer feedback that will not only better your site, but can help improve your bottom line.

Benefit from our experience with:

  • Troubleshooting existing issues
  • Consulting on premium Themes & Plugins
  • Advice on Repository Selections
  • Custom design & development
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Content management

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Clear and custom reporting

LightSpeed can deliver reports on all the activity on your website, covering everything from search analytics, traffic, ROI, user demographics and location, as well as whatever metrics matter most to you.
We’re proud of the work we do, and we want you to know what we’re doing to help you succeed online.

Our weekly reporting includes:

  • Updates on your site
  • Traffic & pattern increases
  • Security patches
  • Enhancements added

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Products We Love

Our team works with premium products on a daily basis, and we can help you deliver a fantastic user experience.
We understand Google Analytics, MOZ and other custom frameworks. From complex design software to e-commerce, we’ll make a tailored solution to fit your business objectives.


Design & Development

LightSpeed’s team of expert developers, designers & project managers deliver custom development solutions, tailored to fit your needs. Tell us your goals, your problems and your deadlines and we’ll make a plan to get you to launch.

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Migrations: Handled with Care

Moving hosts can be almost as daunting as moving your home. With so many pieces, it’s easy to forget something. No need to worry though, our migration experts are the best in the business. We make sure everything is fully reviewed, backed up, moved carefully, and double checked.

Host to Host

We have extensive experience working with many major hosting companies, so we know each of their quirks and how best to deal with moving your site from their servers to our’s.

CMS to WordPress

We easily move your data from any CMS to WordPress. Our adaptable workflow ensures the migration is handled appropriately, and we provide effective training for new WordPress users.

Multisite Conversions

Do you have several WordPress sites that you want to combine into a single easy-to-manage multisite? Or do you have a multisite that you want to break out into several sites? We can help.


Content-rich multisites are known to run slowly. LightSpeed can ensure that your site will run at peak performance thanks to our expertise in server resource management.

Our Clients

We’re privileged to work with some of the finest companies around the world.



The Success Academy

Design & Development, WooCommerce

Run it Off



Design & Development


Design & Development



Nox Rentals


Safari Hotels

Design & Development

Epping Property

Design & Development

CJCP Clearing House

Design & Development

ATI Holidays

Tour Operators, WooCommerce

Inner Glow


Giltedge Group

Tour Operators




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